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November 2021

Why Choose St. Anthony Secondary School Mbagala?

Choosing where to study is not always easy as the choice is based on one’s personal and professional goals and desires. We believe that St. Anthony’s Secondary School Mbagala, will to a great measure meet your expectations due to the following few, among many, reasons:

Quality Education and practical skills

We provide students with Quality Education and Practical Skills. That is to say, our students acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and the latest trends from well versed teachers who are known for their not only academic qualifications but also commitment and willingness to serve. The class sizes are reasonably small to allow for individual student attention, thought-provoking and stimulating discussions. Students are provided with practical skills and knowledge that can immediately be put to use.

Availability of Teachers of highest calibre

More than the ability to make the topics interesting, teachers of St. Anthony’s Secondary School Mbagala are able to inspire change, they combine real-world, hands-on experience with superb teaching skills and desirable teaching qualifications. Teachers of St. Anthony’s Secondary School Mbagala are strong believers of their profession, they are passionate and they are the practitioners. Their delivery is a proven mixture of profundity and humour – yet practical and enjoyable.

High class Teaching Materials

Our teachers provide extra information, and more in-depth explanations, so that our students are made to know not only what they should do, but also why they should do it. We provide even more practical activities, so our students will be familiarized with the skills they acquire and be able to relate and apply them immediately.

English speaking environment

St. Anthony’s Secondary School Mbagala provides students with a conductive English-speaking environment. From the moment they enter our school to the time they leave; they will only hear and speak English. An English-speaking environment will help them improve their English Speaking skills and gradually build their confidence when they are speaking the language.

Love and Care

At St. Anthony’s Secondary School Mbagala we love one another and, more so, care about individuals progress and development in academics, discipline, physical and spiritual welfare. Our teachers assess students’ progress comprehensively and regularly. Our unique progress tracking system and individualized service ensures that one will meet your learning objectives.

Competitive School Fee Rates

St. Anthony’s Secondary School Mbagala gives the best education available at a reasonably low cost; low competitive fee rates of great value for your investment.

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