Students Welfare

Students Welfare

Gerald J. Semkiwa
President of Students Government (2010/2011)

Students Government (2010/2011)

The St. Anthony’s Secondary School has Students’ Organisation known as St. Anthony’s Students’ Organisation (SASO) with the objective of protecting and promoting students’ interests that are in line with academic, disciplinary, social-cultural, ethics and all other aspects of their lives during their existence at the school. The Organisation is lead by the Students’ Government and Students’ Parliament.

Most of the students’ activities are organized by the students’ own organization with special assistance from the school administration. The organization is an important link between students and the school administration.  The Organization addresses itself on aspects of social activities, games and sports and various other forms of entertainment.

There are also various clubs and associations with different objectives. Currently the effective running clubs and association includes Anti Corruption Club (KIWARUSHA), YUNA (Youth of the United Nations), The HOT Club (House of Talents), NBS (News Bulletin Squad), YOA (Youth Organization of Africa) and St. Anthony’s Free from AIDS Club.