Facilities - Science Laboratory

Science Laboratory

St. Anthony’s Secondary School has the best facilities available to its students, which makes it different from the other schools in Tanzania. With strong Science departments, St. Anthony’s Secondary School has a sophisticated and high-end laboratory which is ideal for a whole range of experiments for various fields of sciences. The school emboldens the students to be innovative & creative in their presentations and also rewards them with prizes for their best efforts and hard work.

The Science departments are well equipped with Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories that provide necessary facilities with modern and excellent equipments for demonstration, experimentation and project work at various levels. The school’s science labs are designed, equipped and built according to the required specifications and safety norms as advised by the Tanzania’s Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, and allow for practical, hands on experimental approach which allow students to learn like scientists through trial and error.  The laboratories therefore provide avenue to the students to work effectively and enabling them to understand the various facets of Science.