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School Calendar

The Headmaster

Dear Viewers,

Allow me to welcome you to this website and to St. Anthony’s Secondary School, which is one of the few famous and credible Non-Government Secondary Schools in Tanzania.   

Through this website you will learn that St. Anthony’s Secondary School has evolved from humble beginnings as a Centre for Adult Education with a dozen of private students who were mainly choir members of the St Anthony of Padua Parish-Mbagala. You will also learn that the school was to a great measure an outcome of the initiative and vision of one man: The late Fr. Fidelis Versari, OFMCap. (Rip).   

The Mission of St. Anthony’s Secondary School is ‘to provide Holistic Quality Education that ennobles the youth and liberates them from physical and spiritual bondage.’ The school’s VISION is ‘to be a Centre for Academic Excellence and Self-Discipline and ultimately become a model school in Tanzania’; its MOTTO is ‘Lux et Veritas’ which means ‘Light and Truth’.

It should be born in mind that St. Anthony’s Secondary School is Catholic Founded (It is owned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam and managed by the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Instruction). The school has an open access policy of admitting students without discrimination on account of religion, race, economic status, tribe or ethnicity.

Dear viewer, the saying that St. Anthony’s Secondary School is one of few famous and credible schools in Tanzania may call for little debate; I should only add that its famous-credible status is an outcome of the school’s ability to provide Holistic Quality Education Service with competency and Dedication. Thanks to the founder and ‘the pioneer small group of choir members’ who have led to the birth of this powerful academic institution. Thanks to the Owner, School Board of Governors, Management, parents, guardians, education stakeholders, students and staffs that have made the school achieve this coveted status in just a span of about quarter a century of its existence.

As Head of School, I am proud of being part and parcel of the St. Anthony’s School Community charged with responsibility of providing academic leadership to this famous and credible institution that imparts indelible marks in brains and hearts of numerous young people through Provision of Holistic Quality Education that ennobles and liberates.

I welcome all prospective students and staff to join St. Anthony’s Secondary School where you will thrive in pursuit of Holistic Quality Education which will certainly ennoble you and liberate you from physical and spiritual bondage.

At St. Anthony’s Secondary School we have few social-economic challenges; despite these challenges we cherish love, peace, solidarity; mutual support and understanding. These values make students and staffs live as members of one family. Please, kindly, come as part of a solution and not as part of a problem.



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