Alloyce A. Gomes

Mandela, Rebeca, Maria, Andaray

Student’s scholarship scheme is a continuously awarding scholarship to students with outstanding academic performances in each academic year. The scholarships are given to students based on the following criteria

  • A student with 95%- 100% of annual average is awarded full scholarship; a student is full exempted from paying school fees.
  • A student with 90%-94% of annual average is awarded a half scholarship; a student is exempted from paying a half of the school fees.
  •  A student with 89%-85% of annual average is awarded a quarter scholarships; a student is exempted from paying a quarter of the school fees.

In 2009/2010 the following students were awarded scholarship as follows;

O level

  • Ibrahim S. K. Mkusa (Form Three F)
  • Tryphone D. Ndubusa (Form One C)
  • Elisha. J. Nandrie (Form One F)
  • Justine. P. Kagoma (Form One D)
  • Gray. J. Mbwambo (Form One D)
  • Julia C. Mlonda (Form One B)

A level
Alloyce. A. Gomes (He was awarded a full scholarship to undertake his A level studies after scoring a division 1:8 in 2009/2010 form four National exams)

The following students obtained a full scholarship for the academic year 2009/2011

  • Mandela Mtui (Form Six PCM)
  • Rebecca Makombo (Form Six HGE)
  • Maria Mapela (Form Six PGM)
  • Andaray Nangai (Form Six PCM)



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