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About Hostel Services

St. Anthony’s Secondary School offers hostel service for girl students who need it. Students are provided with all necessary services including meals. If you have decided to send your girl child to study at St. Anthony’s you don't have to worry about:”Who will look after them?" "How will I know if she is working hard?” How will I know if she keeps good company?” What happens if she falls sick or has an accident?” Without his/her family around, who is going to impart the correct moral values to her?" For these and many other questions that would plague you, St. Anthony’s Secondary School will offer you the solution with proper guardianship, which will assure that their welfare and discipline will be taken care of.

The school will also offer them with Behaviour and decorum; Study periods; Recreation periods; House activities; Fixed meals and sleeping times and Counseling sessions if necessary.

Student Requirements
Students who are accommodated in hostels are obliged to pay accommodation fees at an authorized rate. All payments for accommodation in hostels shall be made in advance. Students who default payment of accommodation fees for three months shall be evicted from the hostels. Students who will leave the school without settling their accommodation debts shall not be issued with certificate (Transfer Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, Academic Certificate).



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