Departments - Division of the School

Division of the School

The school has well qualified departments with Heads of the Departments (HoD). The subject teachers along with their HoD’s chalk out the strategies to be followed and methods to be incorporated in the teaching learning process, to make teaching effective and child centred.

The HoD’s besides monitoring the work of teachers, keep abreast the management with the teaching processes and methods followed in the classes and the monthly report of syllabus completion, information of the children who need the counselling.

The divisions of the school’s departments based on the subjects taught are as follows;

  1. Commerce Department
    Mr.J.  Luchunga (HoD)
  1. Economics Department
    Mr. P. Chamwali (HoD)
  1. Accounts and Book – Keeping Department
    Mrs. M. Mbemba (Hod)
  1. Civics Department
    Mr. I. Mlowosa (HoD)
  1. English Department
    Mr. J. Sengerere (HoD)
  1. Idara ya Kiswahili
    Mrs. H. Nyamtiga (HoD)
  1. Chemistry Department
    Mr. A. Chang’a (HoD)
  1. Biology Department
    Ms. C. Mathias (HoD)
  1. Physics Department
    Mr. G. Kafuku (HoD)
  1. Mathematics Department
    Mr. J. Asukile (HoD)
  1. Geography Department
    Mr. M. Nkumulwa (HoD)



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