Academic - Admission


Entry to St. Anthony's Secondary School is based on merit and it is also very competitive considering the large number of students who are seeking admission to our school.

Admissions to 'O' Level
All applicants must have completed seven years of primary education (Grade 7). Shortlisted candidates must successfully complete entrance examination before being admitted. Form II and III admissions are possible in December, depending on availability of study places. Candidates sit for a similar entrance examination with respect to their entrance level.

Mid-Term entry
Students applying for entry mid-way through the School Calendar will be admitted pending space availability, but must still meet entry requirements stipulated above
Admissions to 'A' Level
Minimum entry requirement for  'A' Level is nine(9) points in applicant’s combination that is C, C, C. Shortlisted candidates who meet the academic requirements are interviewed before the final selection is made.

Admission for non-Tanzanian Students
Admission procedures are similar to those for Tanzanian students, but foreign students must complete the necessary immigration formalities and provide confirmation to the school administration before commencing studies.

Admission age (As at 1st January of the academic year)
For form I: Not less than 13 years (12 years for exceptionally bright students).



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